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A British woman rescued from the jaws of a crocodile by her twin sister has spoken for the first time since the the vicious attack.

Melissa Laurie, 28, was dragged under the water by the reptile who tried to drown her.

But Melissa’s heroic sister Georgia saved her life by fighting off the ten-foot predator. She punched the animal repeatedly in the face as she dragged her sister to safety near Puerto Escondido, Mexico.

Speaking for the first time since the ordeal, Melissa told of her appreciation.

In a short voice message from her hospital bed, the zookeeper, from Sandhurst, Berkshire, said: “I am extremely grateful that I came out of this alive.

“And that I had Georgia fight my side for me.

“So I am very happy for that.”

The zookeeper suffered deep bites to her body in the attack, which happened at the start of the month.

Some of the bites to her legs, hands and wrists have since turned septic.

She also has a suspected punctured lung and was put in a medically induced coma in the private hospital to aid her recovery.

Mum Sue Laurie, 63, said: “Georgia sent us a picture of her in hospital bed in intensive care and we’ve seen Melissa for the first time.

“She is looking quite a bit better.

“She has traces of black eyes and a scratch on her face.

“She still has monitors on her fingers – she’s still all wired up. And she has an oxygen tube going into her nose.

“But it’s great to see to see her.

“She is trying to smile but it’s obvious that she is in a lot of pain.”

The family have also received the first medical bill for Melissa’s treatment, which dad Sean has described as “eye-watering”.

A tour guide who allegedly “lured” the twins into the lagoon where the attack happened has fled, it is claimed.

The twins’ older sister Hana Laurie, 33, wrote on a Go Fund Me page: “My sisters were taking a break from their ambitions to scuba dive and work with animals when they took a trip with a guide recommended by their hostel near Puerto Escondido, in Mexico.

“It’s still unclear exactly where they were, but a crocodile attacked the group and viciously bit and shook Melissa.

“It has since transpired that this guide was known locally to be operating in an unlicensed and illegal way, but since is nowhere to be found.

“We are so lucky that Georgia was there, and had immediate reaction through her water rescue training to fight off the crocodile and drag Mel to safety.

“The details of this awful ordeal are still not fully known to us, as the time difference, language barrier and the fact they’re both admitted to hospital are making it very difficult to communicate.

“What is clear, is that Mel’s condition is ‘delicate’ having suffered an open wrist fracture, organ lacerations/internal bleeding and water on her lungs.”